The Best Minivans for 2024

Toyota Sienna

Why it stands out: Monumental fuel economy advantage; big-kid-friendly second-row; above-average handling; interior storage

What could be better: Not as powerful as other minivans; less advanced infotainment; cheap interior materials on lower trims

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Toyota has decided to go all-in on the hybrid minivan formula, making it the exclusive powertrain for what is otherwise a pretty conventional minivan offering. 

The Sienna's cabin is a tale of two committees. The cheaper trims look the part, but well-optioned cabins show quite nicely. That's great if you want to sell fancier minivans but not so great for those among us who aren't in a position to fork over that kind of cash. The Sienna offers a choice of two interior configurations. The eight-passenger model is probably better suited to parents with smaller kids since it comes with a removable second-row middle seat that you can affix a child seat to while keeping the outboard seats open (the Pacifica offers something similar). The seven-passenger setup found on upper trim levels features the new “Super Long Slide” second-row captain’s chairs, which slide further than its competitors by a considerable amount. Slid to the rear, they provide enough legroom for NBA forwards to kick back and relax.

Sienna is down on power without the standard V6 that every other model in this segment offers. That said, 245 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at, especially in a family hauler that returns 36 mpg combined with front-wheel drive 35 mpg combined with AWD. Oh, do we have your attention now? That is a massive advantage for this Toyota as it could save you as much as $1,000 per year in gas savings relative the V6-powered vans. And it gets better. What the Sienna lacks in outright power it makes up for in maneuverability. Yeah, the Toyota is the handler of the segment. What a world, eh?

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